The Love Booth Williamstown

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The Love Booth began life as a play by Tara to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the delisting of homosexuality as a ‘mental disorder’ by the American Psychiatric Association.

Tara drew on original sources and used a verbatim process to write The Love Booth, which was first performed at the Toronto Pride Festival in June 2023 by her theatre company, Gailey Road Productions.

In December 2023 Tara invited Donna Jackson of Hubcap Productions to direct the work in Australia. Donna and Tara both agreed that Australian and Western Suburbs stories from local queer communities would be researched and then crafted into a new version of The Love Booth. The Love Booth, Williamstown was performed on March 8 and 9 2024 at the Williamstown Town Hall in Williamstown, which is a Western suburb of Melbourne.

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