Harriet’s House 2010

Playwright: Tara Goldstein Director: Jocelyn Wickett

Cast & artistic team

Harriet:Joanne Latimer*
Luisa:Supinder Wraich*
Ana:Rebecca Applebaum*
Clare:Esteé Feldman
Marty:Julie Burris
Anita:Jorie Morrow
Playwright & Producer:Tara Goldstein
Director:Jocelyn Wickett
Production Manager:Gillian Lewis
Stage Manager:Tara Mohan
Graphic Designer:Lisa Rupchand
Lighting Designer:Wade Gamble
Assistant Producer:Monica Nunes
Photography:Jake Goldstein
Production Designer:Esther Kim
Sound Designer:Dan Parker

*Joanne Latimer, Supinder Wraich, and Rebecca Applebaum appeared with the permission of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.


A contemporary drama of a mother and three daughters negotiating the challenges and politics of transnational adoption in a same-sex family. Harriet reluctantly gives 17-year old Luisa permission to return to the Catholic orphanage in Bogotá where she spent three years of her childhood. But when she falls seriously ill, Harriet travels to Bogotá with her new partner Marty to bring Luisa home. Harriet’s House premiered at Hart House Theatre in Toronto on July 2, 2010 as part of the 30th Toronto Pride Festival and drew an audience of 450 over its three-performance run.


The script for Harriet’s House can be found in Staging Harriet’s House 2012

The Discussion Guide for Harriet’s House can be found HERE→

Spanish Translations

The Spanish translation of Harriet’s House by Jorge Arcila can be found HERE→

The Spanish translation of the Discussion Guide by Jorge Arcila can be found HERE→

 Staging Harriet’s House

In Staging Harriet’s House Tara Goldstein tells the story of how she wrote and staged her research-informed play Harriet’s House for Toronto’s 2010 Pride Festival. In telling her story, Tara provides a comprehensive guide to researching, writing, funding, producing and assessing research-informed theatre. The book contains the script that was used to stage the Pride production of Harriet’s House and a selected bibliography of writing on research-informed theatre.

Harriet’s House 2010 Gallery

Hart House Theatre At The University Of Toronto
Production Team
El Teatro Jorge Eliciér Gaitán, Bogotá, Colombia
La Casa De Harriet
Harriet's House, Bogotá, Colombia

Digital Recording of Harriet’s House

Scene 1: Home

Scene 2: Hola!

Scene 3: Out

Scene 4: Seder’s for Family

Scene 5: Welcome Home

Scene 6: Real Mother

Scene 7: Moving

Scene 8: No Regrets

Scene 9: Bogota

Scene 10: Sisters

Scene 11: Reconciliation

Scene 12: Guardian


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