Gailey Road is an independent theatre company where research meets theatre and theatre meets research. Founded in January 2007 by Artist Director Tara Goldstein, theatre artist Jocelyn Wickett and stage and production manager Gillian Lewis, Gailey Road has worked with over 65 writers and 125 theatre artists and artist-researchers. Gailey Road’s current Artist Directors are Tara Goldstein and Jenny Salisbury.


Highlights from the Road so Far




Tara’s play Lost Daughter wins the 2005 Canadian Jewish Playwriting Award and receives the prize of a professional reading in 2007 at the Miles Nadel Jewish Community Centre.

Tara’s play Pound Predators, Gailey Road’s first production is produced at the Toronto Fringe 2007.



Gailey Road’s production of Lost Daughter is performed at the Toronto Fringe 2008.



Gailey Road’s Literary Performance Event Women Writing Letters (2011-2015) produced by Tara and Margot Huycke is launched.

Letters from all four seasons of Women Writing Letters are published by Gailey Road between 2013 and 2015.

Photo: Tara Goldstein and Beverley Cooper
Photo Credit: Margot Huycke





Three of Tara’s plays are published as anthology in Patricia Leavy’s Social Fictions Series for Sense Publishers.   The anthology, Zero Tolerance and Other Plays: Disrupting Racism, Xenophobia and Homophobia in School, includes Tara’s plays Zero Tolerance (2008), Lost Daughter (2008), and Ana’s Shadow (2012).



Gailey Road’s Harriet’s House is translated into Spanish by Colombian theatre artist Jorge Arcila and performed in Bogotá, Colombia, at Barraca Teatro and Universidad Distrital Franciso José de Caldas.



Gailey Road hosts a 10th Anniversary Party featuring a video celebrating 10 years of theatre by Gailey Road created by theatre artist and videographer Pam Baer.  To watch Gailey Road’s 10th Anniversary Video by Pam Baer.




Gailey Road takes Tara’s play Castor and Sylvie and an early version of its multimedia verbatim theatre piece Out at School to ​The L Fest, Llandudno, Wales.


2019 & 2021

Gailey Road performs Out at School at the 2019 Toronto Pride Festival and launches the piece as an audio-play in 2021.

Image credit: benjamin lee hicks (2019)



Gailey Road celebrates its 15th anniversary by sharing a trailer of Scene 1 of its next project The Love Booth and Six Companion Plays which will be performed at the Toronto Pride Festival in June 2023.



Gailey Road begins an archival research and verbatim theatre project on queer, trans, and allied activism from the late 1950s to present day. To date, The Love Booth has resulted in four projects: The Love Booth and Six Companion Plays (2023); The Love Booth Exhibit at Congress 2023; The Love Booth Williamstown (2024) and The Fashionista Project (2024).

Where research meets theatre and theatre meets research.

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